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The Soul Force Project is dedicated to inspiring people of all ages through the universal power of music.
We work to demonstrate the power of creativity inherent to the practice of nonviolence as both historical and relevant to our current reality. We uphold responsibility, peacemaking and environmental justice in taking solid steps towards addressing the most urgent issues of the 21st century, violence and climate change.

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Abdul Ghaffar Khan (Bacha Khan) organized the Khudai Khidmatgar, a weapon-less army of more than 100,000 volunteer soldiers over a long period of years (beginning in 1930) struggling with many nonviolent methods for dignity and freedom from brutal exploitation under British colonial rule.


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The Soul Force Sacred Music Festival hits the heart of Pasadena on Earth Day weekend 2019! Experience the power of ritual world music and celebrate traditional and contemporary arts.

Groundbreaking global artists perform in a sanctuary of extended musical meditations and ecstatic rhythms as we explore themes of nonviolence, mindfulness, and climate justice.

Renew your spirit in the deep sacred traditions of Dhrupad (Indian classical), Qawwali (Pakistani Sufi), Gnawa (Moroccan Ritual), and Spiritual Jazz.


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