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Thanks to the Tarsadia Foundation for their generation contribution to the Soul Force Project!

Thanks to the Tarsadia Foundation for their generous contribution to Soul Force!


Join the Soul Force Project in supporting this inter-faith, inter-generational, musical celebration. In our own lives and in the world, we need meaningful and creative life affirming change. Imbuing the theme of nonviolence with sacred ritual music from around the world we recognize the inter-dependence of all life on the planet. When we experience that feeling of deep connection in a gathering of transcendent music, it gives us hope for meaningful change, even in dark times.

Your support leverages the value of the contributions of numerous individuals and organizations providing support for this festival. Find out how you and/or your company can be part of this cutting edge, climate-conscious festival of diverse culture & music. Tax-deductible contributors will be provided with letters at the time of donation.

Contributions will not pay for any administrative costs or salaries. 100% of contributed funding will go towards artist fees, production, marketing + youth engagement for educational workshops & festival passes.



Headlining Sponsors (maximum 2) : $5000
Secondary Sponsors (maximum 3): $2500
Supporting Sponsors (maximum 5): $1000
Local Business Sponsors: $250-750

Sponsors logos will be featured here on the website,
in promotional print and event programs.


Universal Love: $5005
Galactic Giver: $2555
Star Seeker: $1001
Planetary Seeker: $555

Donors will be recognized on
the website and event programs.


Questions? Contact:

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500 east COlorado Blvd. Pasadena 91101

FUMC of Pasadena is hosting and supporting the Soul Force Sacred Music Festival by providing (free of charge) these two beautiful sacred spaces. Their support is resonant with the climate change ministry of the church and their vision for responsive individual and collective action for the planet. A big thank you to FUMC for their vision and leadership in the faith community for climate action and support in hosting the Soul Force Sacred Music Festival!

Together, we’re working to encourage our communities to deal with the reality of violence, over-consumption & climate change and inspire others to be the change we need to see in the world.