Festival Partners


The Soul Force Project is partnering with organizations in Pasadena, the greater Los Angeles/So Cal, around the world to foster a wholly positive nonviolent vision for the future. We are seeking partnerships on a variety of initiatives to celebrate inter-dependent advocacy through music. We are striving to to maximize our potential to affect environmental justice and nonviolent change-making through a diversity of interfaith, educational, and social outreaches.

Our goal is to use the arts, music, science, and history to inspire action with visionary organizations both here, in our communities and globally.  Through the Soul Force Festival, we will work to inspire membership and buy-in for organizations like yours, inspiring others to action.

Levels of partnerships /// COPY ///

We see these partnerships as increasingly vital to the transformation of our society, by empowering people to participate in meaningful objectives.  This can fuel the engine that has the power to shift the dominant consumer narrative to one of sustainability, community empowerment and visionary change-making.