Support the Soul Force Festival today and be a part of reaching our goal of 15k by Dec 31st. Soul Force hits the heart of Pasadena on Earth Day weekend in April 2019.

Groundbreaking global artists perform in a sanctuary of extended musical meditations and ecstatic rhythms around
the themes of nonviolence, mindfulness and climate justice, featuring the sacred traditions of Dhrupad (Indian classical), Qawwali (Pakistani Sufi), Gnawa (Moroccan Ritual), Gospel, Spiritual Jazz and the Los Angeles Children’s Chorus.

The Soul Force Festival is a weekend-long, 'Arts, Awareness
& Activism' zero-waste, interfaith festival emphasizing climate action, human rights and a sustainable future.

Dynamic music is accompanied by a multimedia narrative modeling the consciousness shift to recover hope for life on earth; one that is informed by our own actions in the here and now.