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The SoulForce Project tells a story of radical nonviolent change from South Africa to India, the Serbian Revolution to the Arab Spring, from Guatemala to Black Lives Matter.

The SoulForce Project is a multi-media performance celebrating the power of soul force and the struggle for a higher moral alternative to physical force. International performing artists from India, Latin America and Los Angeles engage the relevance of nonviolence in a creative collaboration with local visual artists, filmmakers, historians & Hiphop MCs.

"AHIMSA" by Arohi Ensemble - Love is the weapon of the brave.

“Ahimsa (nonviolence) is the greatest force at the disposal of mankind.” - M. K. Gandhi

Arohi music weaves the classical ragas of India through the contrapuntal dance of chamber music, expressing a synthesis of global musical traditions nurtured in the American creative consciousness. These cascading melodies naturally integrate intricate rhythmic architectures, the interlocking counterpoint of gamelan, and the spontaneous free expression of jazz.

Artists from Kolkata, Los Angeles and Caracas unite in a vision of creative global harmony. From meditative ragas to dynamic polyrhythms and inspired improvisations; move through this music with us in the spirit of ahimsa.

Ahimsa - Arohi Ensemble

This musical offering is dedicated to our capacity for a relentless pursuit of truth and a complete spectrum of human dignity, freedom and equality. Transforming violence helps us to touch the deepest place of our moral center as it grounds us in the spiritual reality that we all are one. That is what we believe is ahimsa, a depth of love supported by the courage to endure violence without retaliation.

Contrary to the illusory fix of physical force, the ‘soul force’ of ahimsa heals and regenerates the world from the inside out. This sacrificial love pursues its goal at all costs. Even death, was a price which the greatest models of this spirit were willing to pay, from Jesus Christ to MK Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Cesar Chavez, Oscar Romero and others. We honor the strength to love in all of us, to carry on in the face of seemingly insurmountable obstacles.

Thanks to all our friends, family & fans who’ve supported us, all the amazing musicians, artists and technicians already named who’ve been a part of this journey, to Jan Steward our Los Angeles artistic mother, Leonice Shinneman for the insight into Chandrika Tala, Carlos Niño for his invaluable input, Masahiko Sunami, La Cielita Alma, Timothy Dundon, Jeremyah the Jesus Hobo, Eva Soltes, Tara Sethia, Mitch Steele, Alfred Madain, Greg & Sally Livingstone.

We are honored to have the voice of our guru Pt. Rajeev Taranath on the opening and closing tracks of this record. Special thanks to our late gurus Pt. Ravi Shankar & Amiya Dasgupta, whose cross-cultural musical vision has been so inspiring & influential. Om Yeshu Naam


Listen to Arohi release excerpts here on Soundcloud!